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2014-09-23ironic_c14SachdevThe microstructure of charge order in the cuprates, and implications for the pseudogap
2011-09-29adscmt11SachdevHolography and Compressible Quantum Phases
2009-07-16highertc09SachdevWhere is the QCP in the Cuprates?
2009-07-13adscmt_m09Sachdev0Where is the QCP in the Cuprates?[Slides][Podcast][Aud][Cam] KITP Higher Tc Program
2009-07-06adscmt_m09SachdevQuantum Critical Transport and AdS/CFT
2009-02-27lowdim_c09SachdevElectron Pockets in the Hole-Doped Cuprates
2007-04-23coldatoms_c07SachdevOverview of Strong Correlation Physics for AMO System
2007-02-16coldatoms07Sachdev2Renormalization Group Theory for Universality in Quantum Gases near Unitarity
2007-02-15coldatoms07Sachdev1Fermi Surface Change across Quantum Phase Transitions
2005-01-18qpt_c05SachdevQuantum phase transitions out of the heavy Fermi liquid
2004-10-08kitp25FisherPANEL: Quantum Matter in the 21st Century
2004-05-24bblunchSachdevQuantum Criticality: From the "Trivial" to the Exotic
2002-11-21cem_c02SachdevQuantum phases and critical points of correlated metals
2000-12-07hightc00SachdevSpin Correlations in Mott Insulators and D-wave Superconductors -- Implications of Experiments on Non-magnetic Impurities
1999-08-18qmag_c99P_vojtaCharge order and Superconductivity in an extended t-J model
1999-08-16qmag_c99SachdevTowards a Global Phase Diagram of Doped Antiferromagnets
1998-08-13qhall_c98SachdevQuantum Hall Ferromagnets and Antiferromagnets